Voice Over and Acting

Working with many of the best and most experienced actors and voice directors in our industry, we can quickly carry out each production, meeting the expectations for every kind of content.

We supervise every production to the last detail to ensure that every part is up to the standards of the industry.

Audio Mixing and Video Editing

We offer full stereo audio post production services, our experts can work doing full 2.0 & 5.1 mixing, sound design, M&E and foley reconstruction or creation and more.

As well, for a more immersive experience, we offer in-video text translation with subtitles or digital replacement.

Script Adaptation for Lipsync

An accurate translation and text adaptation are a vital part of a professional dubbing process, as they ensure image and sound will align harmoniously, to achieve a precise lip sync, voice over or sync over.

We match your message when translating your content into any language, while adapting and localizing it to make it appealing to your audience.

Videogame Localization

We offer professional videogame localization services, including translation of in-game text, voice-over and subtitling, cultural adaptation, linguistic testing, and quality assurance.

Our team delivers accurate, culturally sensitive, and engaging localized content that meets the needs of our clients and their target audience, ensuring a seamless and authentic gaming experience.

Satisfied Clients

5B+ Impressions | 660M+ Views | 3M+ New Subscribers

Web Series & Animations

Youtube Channels

Videogame Localization

Kevin Tran
Dubbing to LATAM Spanish and English

Dubbing to LATAM Spanish, Russian and BR Portuguese

Noah Kagan
Dubbing to LATAM Spanish

Institute Of Human Anatomy
Dubbing to LATAM Spanish

Dubbing to BR Portuguese

Demo Reels

Here is a small sample of our work, both in animation and live action.

We hope they meet your requirements.

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